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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
пекин, Пекин (Citytel Inn Beijing), гостиница расположена на восточной части пекина, на юге реки вдоль проспекта хуарон с и D, на востоке запретного города, парк аира на юге, парк хуаньлинь хуань гэнь на севере, общая архитектура карниз, переднее крыльцо, дом уникальный стиль.отель расположен рядом не только с площадью Тяньаньмэнь, коммерческими улицами ваньфуцзин и Восточным проспектом чанъань, но и перед дверью есть 82 (до птичьего гнезда и водяного Кубана), 60 (до барабанной башни, геотермана, пекинского парка отдыха) и другие автобусные станции, пешком можно добраться до станции метро no 1.это гостиница с центральной коммерческой турне, в которой принимают коммерческих командировок и туристов, в полной мере отражает особенности современного гостиничного интеллекта, окружающей среды, комфорта, гигиены и безопасности.после полного восстановления и реконструкции, это стало совершенно новым явлением.в номере есть все необходимое, в номере есть все необходимое.в гостинице круглосуточно подают горячую воду, всегда снимают усталость.Кроме того, в гостинице есть ресторан среднего типа, кафе, галерея для отдыха и малый бизнес - зал, где можно пообедать 50 человек.Это не только идеальное место для коммерческих командировок и туристов, но и идеальное место для вас, чтобы увидеть гугун и Тяньаньмэнь.
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  • lstian
    Hotel location is really good, Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square to walk more than 10 minutes, to inform the Chamber is full, thanked the staff for a free upgrade to a suite, the overall feeling good
  • mactam
    Nice, convenient, near Wangfujing Street, very close to the forbidden city Tiananmen! subway transportation is also convenient! great!
    Hotel is atmosphere, front desk is enthusiasm, need all staying who of documents, Elevator need brush room card, security degrees is good. into room, inside air clean comfortable, overall environment also good, also has free mineral water, bath hot is comfortable, room area is big, supporting facilities complete. front desk free left-luggage, asked tourism route also is patience, distance Palace walk 15 minutes arrived, room quiet. price is high, 10,086 a praise.
  • clesun
    Good location, hotel General
  • iris_926
    Great location, walk to the Wangfujing, Tiananmen, or subway or were very close to sound good, very quiet, next time will stay
  • Gloria8824
    Hotel is a bit old but the location very good
  • PeggyBB
    Good location, go to Wangfujing Street and Tiananmen Square is easy, convenient, there are parking spaces. it's no hot water in the room, need to make an appointment at the front desk take a bath, not convenient. price, is a relatively normal
  • melson
    From Tiananmen Square, forbidden city and Wangfujing is walking distance (without box). Hotel Nice is a very individual tenants of quality, well, middle of loud people can't sleep, there is day there's mosquitoes, I didn't sleep well the night. it is hoped that future electric mosquito or mosquito measures.
  • dsfsdf
    It's not bad
  • Jin29007217
    Hotels geographical location and convenient transportation, clean, overall tourist accommodation is a good choice for families.
  • Deivea
    Well, well, very clean
    Away from Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street is very close, nothing to say. health and doing well, other still. Inn should be quite good, cheap recommended!
  • astecluyan
    Good location good health condition characterized by service
  • dcx183
    Transportation is very convenient and very easy
  • geraint
    The good location of the hotel, only 20 minutes ' walk away from Tiananmen Square, walk to the Wangfujing shopping shops very close. for ease of transport, hotel prices reasonable. facilities at the hotel Ma Ma, unstable hot ... ...
  • doudoumum
    Facilities are old and in this position is to sell a place. who let him leave Tiananmen Square near
  • allen2206
    Help a friend booked the hotel, my friend was satisfied with.
  • lawtiger
    Environment, health room, facilities a bit dated, price was OK, very convenient!
  • milinery
    Located in Beijing city centre, good service attitude.
  • MRS.S
    Read said the hotels around great! inexpensive, friendly staff, very good, though not himself admitted, but said it was convenient! worth staying at!?
  • anneone
    So so
  • fancyfairy
    To send his son to read, satisfied,
  • cc163
    I feel particularly pleased with
  • e01145890
    Good location is the reason I provide, then prices are relatively cheap. Beside meals are convenient, next to Dong Lai Shun in premium, there is spring pancake shop across the street, hot pot restaurants are very good cheap food for family travel, so very happy, walk to the forbidden city, watch the flag, alley has a windfall
  • tangxyang
    Suitable for leisure accommodation near Tiananmen Square.
  • suijin
    Secondary rental is located in the Wangfujing subway station, 10 minutes walk away from Tiananmen Square, the traffic is extremely convenient, hotel good service, clean, is the facility is a bit old, recommended hotels!
  • youjiwuji
    Nice hotel, good location, convenient shopping facilities is a bit old
  • allygu
    Location was good, the price is right, single room has no window, but in order to watch the flag-raising, can slap up a night, good health, much better than expected, the service is also very good, next time, still living here ~
  • jinjin
    Good location, clean.
  • greenlife
    Which is very nice
  • avayacn
    Very good is very convenient to go to Wangfujing and near Tiananmen Square are very close, near a metro station, hotel was good the only drawback is that WiFi is too slow shopping Taobao will not work alone for video
  • rivermemory
    Standard room gone the first day, to upgrade to a suite, conditions were not good, and moved to five the next day, a lot of trouble, that isn't easy. it is hoped that better next time
  • alvinsu
    Hotel great location, walk to Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street are very close, but the facilities cannot keep up, no hot water during their stay, not too easy, King bed set are 1.5-metre-wide bed, with children slept crowded. breakfast, the pattern does not.
  • niejing34
    Very good location
  • betty_yang11
    Good in every way, from the subway station, Tiananmen Square, and convenient traffic, next to Beijing to live there
  • Ananda
    Very good location, surrounded by many restaurants, breakfast and dinner are very convenient, third floor of the hotel there is buffet breakfast. walk to Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street are very close, not far from the bus and the subway. health or stay three nights, change the sheet three times, and three different color ... very satisfied!
  • andyxl
    Environment, and still feel, subway to Tiananmen Square are quite close, traffic is convenient, but none was hot on the first day, is down?!
  • addio
    Good location closer to the entrance to Tiananmen Square was satisfied with playing both MOM and dad
  • dmtessa
    Thank the hotel staff, very good, satisfactory 100
  • lx690916
    Very good, really
  • bing45
    Hotel very close to Tiananmen Square, near the traffic is very convenient, the hotel room was very clean, the price is moderate, a good travel experience.
  • panuibe
    Friends say so-so
  • yjn1978
    Front desk very nice, location is good, very close to Tiananmen Square. room amenities and prices really don't match. However, near Tiananmen Square, not expensive Deuce
  • aaronyewei
    Room was small, but clean, mostly very convenient location, to Wangfujing snack Street a few steps, here is very quiet at night.
  • camel
    Excellent service, environment, travel is also very convenient, the price is not very expensive, is recommended.
  • sailiya11
    Last to hotel live had very satisfaction. this with elderly out and select has this hotel, because location superior, out to any attractions ride are is convenient, also has very key of is is hotel has restaurant, in around diet slightly single lack of situation Xia solution has meals problem, taste not salt not light is collection appetite. but this to staying Hou found lunch and dinner not supply has, make have everywhere guerrilla, are feel than hotel of catering satisfaction. breakfast good. front desk estimatedJi Gang for a newcomer, asking what don't know, feel good as stay last year. more than 400 more room for family room is much smaller than last year, are being open.
  • olia.lu
    Hotel location is very good, just a 5-minute walk to Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street is just around the corner, is the room too small, but the cost has been very high
  • xubil
    Well, away from the street.
  • miaomiao_mimi
    Place is very hard to find and very clean, the service is also in place. to clean every day. in front of 82 60 road is easy.
  • b55588
    Hotel location is really good, to the attractions and the Mall is convenient, but the hotel is a bit old, cost less, and front desk service was good, so give the service 5