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A typical Chinese way of up to 10 years,

Date: 2019-09-17

In May 2010, the international plaza DE feng (hereinafter referred to as the "DE feng"), the completion of the wharf, belonging to Hong Kong by Kohn Pedersen Fox architects' works of commercial real estate, in the international luxury brands to outshine each other, yi yi is unripe brightness, nanjing west road, attracted the multinational companies to the points. is one of them.The entry into the Chinese market in 2010 international OTA, decisively in 2011 to move out of huaihai road, Ryan will come to wheelock square.International first-line brand, the commercial atmosphere of the multinational, diversity, refinement, and in and out of the white collars, everything here is in from as far away as Europe's wants to establish in the Chinese market positioning: outbound tourism accommodation reservation for the best platform.

Race in 2011, is China's OTA field of a new beginning, BAT accelerate penetration.This year, baidu holding go, huge traffic import has contributed to go on the flight search reservation momentum;Tencent has invested in elong and with cheng, hotel and ticket booking field competition spark have wiped out.Compared to see, "big brother" ctrip seem moderate.

The change of market competition is in the making, has begun to release of the Chinese tourism market potential.The success of the 2010 world expo and the Asian games held into the outbreak of the inbound window.Figures show that in 2010, 2011, Chinese outbound passengers 5738 and 70.25 million, respectively, year-on-year growth of more than 20%, is nearly 10 years (2009-2018) to the growth of the peak;In 2010, 2011, tourism is respectively 134 million, 135 million.

International OTA brands are keen smell the breath, have come to China for gold, come early or late.As early as in 2004, the company enters through holding elong, China holdings to increase again in 2011 by the acquirer human elong, its to network (TripAdvisor's Chinese website, later renamed the cat way eagle) has officially opened in 2009.And growing company, in 2011 completed the B round, distance to China there are a few years time.

After nearly 10 years, is not in China show a great ambition and invasive, the price wars in OTA bayonet see blood also see its shadow.However, Priceline group parent company (today's Booking Holdings group) three times investment ctrip, also before and after the Meituan and drabs, in order to strengthen the presence in the Chinese market.

Today, when people mention, still rarely use it Chinese bean guest to call it.