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Only 200 meters from a metro station,  the Citytel Inn (Duji Shangwu Kuaijie Jiudian) is close to both the bustling Wangfujing commercial area and Tian'anmen Square. Guests of the hotel will also find themselves within easy cab-range of top Beijing sightss like the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.

Rooms in this Beijing hotel are furnished with air conditioning,  LCD TVs and high-speed broadband internet access.More > >

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  • e00134555
    1. around very convenient, Wangfujing Tiananmen no on can, West railway station car also has bus direct, hotel opposite has eat of, cattle brother that home things hard eat and special your, next shop can attempts to, buy fruit out has Hotel ahead go a about 3 minutes around has a also good, than hotel opposite that home price high! 2, hotel environment General, than up as home what also to crude a, TV special small, if just everywhere accommodation should not problem 3, hotel clothingOfficers can, cleaning halfway met would say hello politely, Elevator downstairs master is very enthusiastic
  • e02031913
    Satisfying, convenient transportation and accommodations were OK, the only downside, 12 required check out on time, and not be delayed even half an hour!
  • bee1018
    The room's too small
  • apple_0426
    Good location
  • ls1291
    Room was bright, clean, service good.
  • e03387749
    Clean, convenient.
  • goodwin
    Location no said the forbidden city which is near the front door just next door is a little bit expensive to buy hotel also very good health up just in time
  • callling
    Old hotel, facilities may be a bit old, still able to accept? room's health is very good, the front desk staff is also polite. is bathroom hot water little, hot shower and shampoo are not convenient. location is excellent, near Tiananmen Square, close to the Metro and bus stops are very close, and shopping attractions are very convenient.
  • cool3t
    Near Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square, the hotel staff very good, very friendly, and helped find bus routes
  • e00100302
    Location is good, room is the bathroom too old, others are very satisfied!
  • justinelp
    And convenient transportation.
  • sunny21601
    Environment, transport facilities,
  • Cwl210
    This Super must be praised! with MOM and dad together, altogether for eight nights. parents think highly of hotels. Security big brother and the front desk was very nice, service was very good, very patient, let us forget the displeasure in railway station. customer service every day is clean but also help ventilation, enters the room does not have any smell. praise?! For the convenience of dining, hotel we bought tickets, 30 yuan a person more comfortable than eating out for breakfast, taste great, buffet style is relatively abundant. it is said that master Cook cake a little bit at a time, all empty again fired, fully guarantee the taste and freshness. Waiter girl is very cute, super friendly. also helped us hand-drawn map to find the way. My Dad on the restaurant, big sister that Sesame corn tortillas are full of praise! Picture upload is one of the two days, I eat breakfast. one day we had wanted to try around the food stands, but after the attempt, also decided the next day or in the hotel to eat. haha. Hotel location is very good. plug next to the path from the hotel in the past, only a 5-minute walk from Wangfujing. walk to Tiananmen Square just ten minutes. is room is hot, although we are not peak holiday travel, but seemingly every day is occupied. recommend and book in advance.
  • cabanaj
    Convenient, on Wangfujing Street, convenient to the Tian an men square and the forbidden city, warm and thoughtful reception, travel agency next door to buy a train ticket, next time will stay and recommend it to friends
  • e00027086
    Position absolute good service is also very good. free upgrade to family room, big room, good health, obsolete facilities. breakfast delicacy of health. overall satisfaction
  • again
    That's good
  • emily_1613
    Convenient, the service is good.
  • cytxj
    Very convenient, good
  • minixigua
    It is a good deal for the price. Room is comfortable but the aspect is old and the walls are dirty. From the beginning I know room doesnt have window so if you take it, you have to be aware of that. Something I dont like is the people noise that I hear from my room. I recommend the tourism office inside the hotel, the service is very good.
    Convenient door has two bus services are not bad, is the device is a bit old, but clean
  • tac007
    Hotel is on the edge of downtown, on Wangfujing Street address for dinner every day, you can taste the Quanjude Roast Duck, goubuli steamed stuffed bun, hotel on the edge of Hunan cuisine, Northeastern Chinese cuisine, makes the hard work of tourism and leisure, enjoy!
  • Royal
    Hotel location is very good, close to the Tiananmen Square to Beijing to watch the raising of the national flag, the best roast duck
  • e00139600
    Some old House, the bath water is very small, less outlets, high house prices, the Internet signal is not very good
  • cameltt
    Environment is good, from Wangfujing. Tiananmen Square are very close, recommended, the best friends make an appointment if you want to live, or you may not.
  • blue1026
    Near Tiananmen Square, watch the flag very convenient. walk to Wangfujing Street or square, the Palace Museum, are only a few minutes. transit line near the Metro Line 1, bus out to South drums Lane, play, take the subway is convenient.
  • dongl
    Which is very nice
  • Elise121
    Room was clean, service was very good, location was good, price is a little expensive
  • lulujx
    In General, the facility is a bit old. great location, service is also available.
  • DavidPeiyuan
    Hotel location is very good, from the Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street are close.
  • cassiopeia167
    Away from Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city are very close, you can easily walk to
  • daweia
    Second stay, great location, very close to Tiananmen Square, under the Line 1 subway Tiananmen Dong, 5 minute walk to the. 60/82 at the door, convenient to the Temple of heaven, the bird's nest. travel or business choose HA!
  • seawill
    Stayed here for four nights and find it very convenient, near! last night I found a nearby feed, in a lane opposite the hotel, taste, not expensive!
  • liuxiaoyan168
    Very convenient location, Wangfujing pedestrian street and very close to the Wangfujing station of Metro line Line 1.
  • cycie
    Good location, just behind the Beijing Hotel, conveniently, in Wangfujing in Tiananmen Square the perfect choice.
  • isabelf
    7-8 minutes walk to Tiananmen Square, away from the Wangfujing subway station is also very near, very convenient.
  • ceasy404
    Good location, very good price, is a room so-so, very close to the area near
  • gy200606
    Rooms are small, but nice, very close to the Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square is also convenient.
  • nancy_gao1987
    Hotel next to Wangfujing Street, there is nothing to say, angry is a top drop
  • Angela111810
    TV is too small, too noisy Street, rooms are not soundproof, front desk service very good! high!
  • cissyelaine
    It's OK
  • baoyifan2003
    Hotel is very good and out West is Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city, East is close to King, is the public transport at the door, very convenient
  • E00984686
    Hotel location is near Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing, Inns around many hotel rooms are clean, I booked a family room, free face great, all in all very satisfied!
  • alanli111
    It's not bad!
  • dd_jbb
    Service is very good, made-for-room, immediately changed, rooms without Windows, but it doesn't feel stuffy. arrangement of indoor plants and lamps, very comfortable. facilities and strategic location. door not very soundproof, but not noisy.
  • getaround
    In the Wangfujing Street on the edge of Tiananmen Square, more convenient shopping tour-view
  • doobee26
    Affordable, high performance-price ratio
  • cjxiong
    Beijing over the years are living here great location near a Metro bus in Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square is 10 minutes ' walk to nanluoguxiang nest is also very convenient
  • nevermind
    Very good location, with children live in order to go to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising. walking minutes to the very convenient. Deluxe is 1.5 m beds, children, still want to squeeze some small no problem!
    Hotel location is very good, in Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing nearby, surrounded by the many eating places. big room, the facility is a bit old, humble. hotel rates higher, the price cannot be cleared prior to departure, make sure you live day to day, it feels kind of weird.